Forget the old ways of bookkeeping!
In a nutshell – cloud accounting makes it possible to streamline your accounting.


Tired of Tedious Accounting Software?

You already have enough on your plate as is. Accounting shouldn’t add to the burden and that’s why making use of cloud accounting is the answer to saving you time and money.

What is the Cloud?

Easiest way to explain it: When you access your bank account via the Internet you access data stored in the cloud. Well, perhaps cloud is misleading since the data is still stored on servers, but instead of only one server or hard drive, it is stored on several highly secure servers, which are all connected to the Internet.

So, what does it mean?

With cloud accounting your data is accessible everywhere and anywhere through an Internet connection and from any type of device, whether it is a desktop, smart phone, tablet, iPhone or laptop. Essentially, the Internet becomes the place where the accounting data is stored and processed instead of the hard drive of your computer.

Shortcomings of conventional accounting software:

• Data in the system becomes outdated.
• Software must be updated and upgraded every now and then.
• Software becomes corrupt.
• High risk of viruses and other external threats.
• Difficult for your accountant to help you from a remote location.
• The accounting software isn’t compatible with all types of mobile devices.
• Only one user has permission and access with important players standing on the outside and needing to go through the gatekeeper person to get customer details.
• Extremely expensive.
• Backups must be done manually or scheduled and are tedious.
• Needs additional space for the backups.
• Slow software customer support.

How cloud accounting solves the problems:

• Enables you to stay in contact with your accountant.
• Wider accessibility to authorised persons making it possible for everyone to collaborate.
• No need to install and run applications on your computer.
• Monthly subscription, which is affordable.
• Highly scalable – grows with your accounting needs.
• Several cool and useful apps and add-ons for more functionality.
• Easy-to-use interface – gone are the days of extensive training just to understand your accounting software.
• World-class cloud security eliminates the risk of data breaches and information losses.
• Automated backups and you can thus focus on business rather than IT tasks.
• No downtime.
• Data is safe and secure even if your laptop or smart phone is stolen.
• You have control over the level of data access.
• You have a clear view of your company financial information and current position.
• Data is in real-time (thus as it is happening).
• No need to install servers or to maintain and upgrade such.
• Save on floor space, hardware, and manpower in maintaining software and backups.

Cloud accounting is flexible and thus makes it possible for you to access your accounting and bookkeeping functions whether you are at office or home. Add-on functionalities such as invoicing, filing and the likes, make it your one-stop multi-solution for managing all your accounting functions.

Best of all – as your accountancy service provider we offer world-class and exceptionally cost-effective cloud accounting solutions and professional assistance at an affordable price.

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