With the mind boggling 500 Xero apps specifically designed to streamline business activities you are certainly spoiled for choice. Which ones to get? Start with the three below and we’ll update you over time on some other great apps to make business life easier.

1. Expensify – Improve control over expenses

Looking for one of the Xero apps that will help you streamline administrative functions whilst also keeping close tabs on employee spending? What more can you ask for than Expensify,  one of the Xero apps making it as easy as 1-2-3 to log expenses while on the move wherever you are and whenever you need?

Of course, you want control over the app and you will thus create the Admin account and then set the rules for auto tagging or approving specific expenses. In this way you don’t have employees running to you for a signature every five minutes. Think time savings here as well.

All the auto expenses are managed through the Xero system and you can reimburse the employees for expenses either by means of payouts or by adding the reimbursements to their salaries.

• Faster processing of specific expenses.
• Audit trail of expenses.
• Full record for reimbursements.
• Employees can log expenses when needed.
• Tax synchronization with Xero for automatic importing of taxes into the Xero software.
• No need for keeping receipts to get reimbursed.
• Time savings for the bookkeeper as the data is already entered.
• Full control for you. as company owner or as CEO, over expenses.

2. CHASER – Keep track of invoices

Another one of the Xero apps to consider is CHASER – the app that makes it possible to always get paid on time. How? Easy – automatic scheduling of emails to request payment for work done. Now you don’t have to go through the unpleasant exercise of having to email or call clients to remind them about payment due and you  don’t have to be concerned about possible invoices missed.

Think of CHASER as your personal credit controller. The invoices are sent and then CHASER, as one of the Xero apps, does exactly what the name states. It follows up. This saves you time, embarrassment and effort. Best of all – you get paid on time because clients have no reason to forget about paying you.

• No need for appointing a person to manage credit control
• Timely and friendly reminders to clients without you needing to do anything.
• Get paid on time.
• Reminders stop as soon as payment is received.

CHASER is definitely one of the integrated Xero apps you should get if you are serious about getting paid on time.

3. Float – Improve cash flow forecasting on-the-go

So you have the expense management under control with Expensify and are sure you’ll get paid on time with CHASER, now you only need an app that makes cash flow forecasting easier and more accurate.
You don’t have to be a financial guru to do cash-flow projections.

Indeed, even financial gurus get it wrong most of the time if they don’t have the right tools for the job. But, with Float that’s a problem of the past.

What precisely is Float? In a nutshell, it is cash-flow forecasting software for businesses which operates alongside Xero for quick and user-friendly tools that enable accurate viewing of your business’s future balance.

It works in real-time by pulling the info from your Xero accounting software for automatic updating of actual accounts. You  thus get forecasts that are accurate and relevant to the here and now.

• Seamlessly integrate with Xero.
• Real-time updating of forecasts.
• Providing you with up-to-date cash flow forecasts.


Make sure you get the above Xero apps, which will add even more functionality to your Xero accounting software and help with those tedious, but so important, accounting and administrative tasks of managing a modern business.

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